OH Friday!

TGIF! This week was a zinger and I’m glad the weekend is here!!


1) S’mores (that might have been last week…oh well, its Friday and my brain is FRIED),

2) a trip to the PUB

3) I made some art that didn’t quite turn out

4) Ryan told me to keep running – so I did.

And then there was the attempted beet chip FAIL


The fire alarm may have gone off….and lets just move on…

Cruise ships!!!


They usually come a few times during the week. It is always so exciting to drive to work and see the gigantic ships parked in the channel. Most people that live here try and stay away from downtown when they are here –  it gets a little crowded with tourists excited to see Alaska. I was walking by St. Michaels a while ago and there were two eagles perched on the spire. Everyone was snapping pictures, and I overheard this woman scream “OH MY GOD! Is that a REAL eagle?!!!” Yup. It was.

I hope you have THE BEST weekend in the entire history of your life!


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