Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!
Hopefully you have big, wonderful plans and are doing something awesome.
The big thing here this weekend is Mudball. This is the end of season city-league softball tournament. It is called mudball because usually it is raining here (duh). There is a lot of drinking, mud, softball and shenanigans.
I ended up in sort of an unusual situation. My roommate plays on one of the co-ed teams and is out of town. So – the organizer of his team asked me (after a few beers) if I wanted to take his place for this mudball stuff.
Being the over-enthusiastic moron that I am, I agreed.
Lets just be honest here and acknowledge that I am not an athlete. AT ALL.
I don’t have the heart of a champion. I haven’t played softball since high school (if you  can even count Mr. Duby’s PE class…which is another story). I totally agree with Juliette on physical activity.
While I am currently doing a couch to 5k program – it is a lot like this:
And lets get real, the main reason I go “running” is so that I can stop and take pictures.
I digress.
So I went to a practice and played in a few games. By play I mean I kept the bench warm and tried to stay out of the way. I think my teammates were horrified at my lack of skill, but everyone was really kind about it.
I am writing this post because I tried. I think its important (especially in this alaskan wilderness) to try new things even if you completely suck have no skill…and to keep trying. So thats what I did…and that, I think, is worth blogging about.

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