Latvian Tablecloths and Chili


I received a note from the post office this week letting me know that I had some registered mail. This always makes me nervous. I am always paranoid I am going to get some kind of subpoena, summons or outrageous bill.

It’s weird. I know.

This time though, the package was from LATVIA and contained a tablecloth I ordered about a month ago. This is what happens when you are obsessed with Etsy and don’t pay attention to the sellers...Latvian tablecloths!! Yessss!!

My roommate and I broke in the tablecloth with a great meal…


and then some wine


This week was also the big chili cookoff. My roommate is the chilimaster….except he got second place this time.



Overall it was a a nice time. After all, who doesn’t like beer, chili and a great view from Japonski Island?



Have a good day!!!

3 thoughts on “Latvian Tablecloths and Chili

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