flies everywhere!

We’ve made it to the middle of the week! Hoorah!

Here are a few snapshots of whats been going on around this place…


There are flies all over the place. Someone might be going on a fishing trip soon…


I always volunteer to help, but end up getting distracted by all of the glitter and feathers. My roommate usually does really well without my assistance – the guy has skills!

Instead of tying flies, I made some bagels…..


Thats right. Homemade. Important enough to photoshop the words right on there.

Sunday, we played kickball. It was  a Conquer Chiari fundraiser and was SOMUCHFUN! I would post photos, but I was a little busy kicking the ball, getting muddy and, well…being awesome winning. It was a great time and nice to know we were having fun for a good cause.

There was also some darts and pool this week. Why? Because from 4 – 6 its FREE.


I hope you keep it real and have a good Wednesday…..

i'm alive

PS – The link for this blog can be found at the domain


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2 thoughts on “flies everywhere!

  1. Those bagels look delicious.

    I have (yet another) giant bowl of kale salad in the fridge… And still two more gallon bags to go.
    Kale is starting to taste … Normal.

    Anyway glad to see you’re well.
    L from Juneau,

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