The Biologist – A Guest Post!

My field partner is a bit of a pain at times.  She wanders around all day, rarely listening to a thing I say.  She used to bring her unruly kids around and occasionally I have to shoot her in the ass with rubber bullets (it’s a big target these days).  Anyhow, I think we have an understanding now, she stays out of my way and I stay out of hers. Just in time for the season to be over and we part company for another nine months.

Hey! Megs roommate here with a guest post! As a biologist in southeast Alaska I spend a lot of time at a remote field camp. Here’s what it means…

The only way I can get there is on board one of these –


This is shelter


I get water from here


I count these


If I can help it I avoid these


If I make it, I come home to my roommate on…you guessed it – a beaver! De Havilland that is.


It’s a bit like an Alaskan vacation every week for three months. All in all I can’t complain. Hell, I can’t even bring myself to utter the word. Unless its day 13, no visibility, and I get word that my flight has yet again been delayed for another day. At this point when I hear these words from the other end of my radio, “We’re going to have to try again tomorrow” – things don’t seem so great.

Anyhow, I survived once again, this time followed by my first ever guest post.

Oh yeah, my field partner and her kids…

bear3. bear2. bear1.


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