A Foodie Review

Lets talk about food! The thing about eating out here is … lets face it, we are stuck on an island with some limited options.

For this blog post, I am going to inform you about the various restaurant options that this  amazing place has to offer. Please note that I don’t mention any happy hour specials because in Alaska, Happy Hour is ILLEGAL (if I knew how to insert the sobbing emoji, I would). Anyway.

Here goes:

If you want a nice dinner go to….

Ludvigs – BEST restaurant on the island – and the most expensive. These guys do incredible things with food. A Mediterranean take on local fare, wine, a cozy atmosphere, killer dessert….I just..omg. Plus they run the chowder cart *insert confetti here*!!!


The Channel Club – steak, fish, and salad bar! This place has a great view and excellent atmosphere. Their drinks are outstanding! They even have a van that will pick you up and take you home…so you can have as many beverages as you want (This is a mixed blessing – beware the gin & tonic)!

We were there for a birthday party last week….so fun!


If you want a motel style dinner go to…

The Dockshack – They have a heated patio that is great during the summer and the bar is okay. The random sunny days here are great times to sit outside, sip a beer and watch the boats go by.

The Westmark – They also have a patio which is decent during the summer. The hotel lobby is nice. That’s about it. *cough*tourist*cough*trap.

The Fly Fish Inn – I have been there maybe three times (?)…no draft beer = boo hiss.

We usually go to…

The Pub – Burgers, pub fare, beers on tap, trivia night, FREE pool and darts from 4-6. They sponsor a softball team that this biologist I live with plays on. Sometimes they have Ninkasi on draft (whooo Oregon!)  and it is within walking distance.

The Larkspur – A little cafe/radio station (go there! You’ll see what I mean) with yummeh sandwiches, paninis, and a killer greek salad. The girls that make breakfast are really lovely and if I happen to stumble in there at 8:15 7:50 on my way-to-work/breakfast- burrito-stop they are great. I even got a free croissant one time. *thanks guys*

The Nugget – The secret weapon. This greasy spoon is at the airport and they have prime service, spicy bloody mary’s and I love the California Omelette. It’s a bingo.


The Kenny Monopoly….

This guy (surprise! his name is Kenny) owns all the Chinese/Asian restaurants in this town. There are three: Little Tokyo (sushi), Kenny’s Wok & Teriyaki, and the Asian Palace (I can describe this place in one word – grease). Kenny satisfies my need for the occasional California Roll and thats about it. My friend once ordered some orange chicken and it came with a fly on top…and thats all I really have to say about that.

Maybe you want fast food…

HELLO McDonalds or Subway. Yep. Thats all. For the record, the fish-wiches aren’t made from fish ‘round here 😦



If you can’t decide between Mexican, Italian, or a microwaved gyro….

Agave, Pizza Express, or El Burrito Loco would be the place to go! Instead of picking one cuisine and doing it well, these guys run the gamut and would probably fry you a pierogi if you asked them too. They fill the void when you just want a chimichanga, cheese pizza – or you’re pulling a Bridget Jones and want both. Nuff said.

So there you go. I have just successfully reviewed the majority of the restaurants here. Now you understand why when we go on vacation we freak out about dining options that don’t involve motel chains, asian monopolies and microwave ovens. I feel this also explains the excessive posting of food photographs. Sometimes you just have to make it yourself!

The best place to eat, of course, is with the people you love – which I am fortunate enough to do most of the time. Sometimes its at home or out and about – but with the right company it is always good. ❤


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