Can Open-er


I had some big aspirations for making a post on Friday – but instead I had a meltdown went shopping. Let me back up…

A while ago I was opening a can. This sounds simple but it wasn’t because the can opener was so rusty. It could be due to the ocean air, humidity, or that I have put it through the dishwasher too many times. Anyway. I have been going to buy one online, but keep putting it off because frankly, I would rather spend $10 on something I need – like lipgloss. The biologist’s solution to the rust was WD-40. This was fine until Friday when I was trying to open a can of olives. MAJOR FAIL. So, I did what any normal person would. I drove to Silver Basin and bought  a ridiculously awesome overpriced new can opener. I may have hit up the bargain basket too…but that is a whole other story. It was like this:


I realize this might not be big news to you, but I have been sporadically opening everything I can (!!!!!). And I made this graphic:




This weekend when I wasn’t opening things with my new kitchen gadget, I had some cocktails with friends.



Be warned: this drink is sweet…. like the devil. That’s all I have to say about that.

I also read this awesome post. It made me realize that I take a lot of photos of my feet. I looked through my pictures and was a little horrified at how many photos of my kankles I have actually taken. The sad thing is that not all of my feet pictures were on purpose. Yikes. Apparently I need some new shoes too…I’m a size 8.5 if you are feeling generous.




For the remainder of the weekend I plan on roasting a chicken, doing some prep work for the radio show I am hosting on Tuesday (eeeekk!!!), and I might take a shower.  Ciao!



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