Snaps from the past week:

It’s red boot weather!!



I have been making some things:



Do I take too many pictures of my feet? Meh.

On my cousin’s recommendation, I made myself a Moscow Mule. HELLO new favorite drink:


I went to Ocktoberfest at the Channel Club. SO.MUCH.FUN!!!



Some of my friends sent me all of the seasons of this show. I have never seen it before and am loving it!

northern exposure


This coming week is Alaska Day! Everyone is getting ready:



What are you up to? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Ocktober

  1. I’m drunk! Naturally, I must see what you have to say. Gorgeous photo up top, too. Apparently there is a moose population of about 800 in NY. Found some moose crap and tracks last week wandering around in the woods. Well, that was after mistaking them for elk. Then I learned elk do not live further east than about Montana, yeah.

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