Celebrations and Poor Photography

rain1This last Friday was a big deal…it was Alaska Day!!! This means: I got a day off of work, there was a parade + vendors, bagpipers, and the whole town went into party mode.

It also rained.

A lot.

I was a horrible blogger and did not take any photos. We skipped the parade / downtown activities and spent the evening at the Brewery with a very brief and interesting stop at the Pioneer Bar. The P-Bar is your typical smokey, greasy, Alaskan fisherman hangout. Going there is always an adventure….


Since Friday night wasn’t enough, we had a big birthday bash for the Biologist on Saturday. We made this, oh and this, plus I made a chocolate cake! Once again, I failed to take any blog-worthy photos. The pictures I managed to snap I can’t post because….seriously you guys, my mom reads this blog. The only thing I have to offer is this view of going over the bridge to the Nugget for breakfast this morning. See the rain? Yeah.



The last few days have been a fabulous time – but it is back to work tomorrow. It will probably be like this:


How was your weekend?




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