Oh Whales!

Sometimes people ask me what my favorite thing about living on an island in Southeast Alaska is. I always tell them THE WHALES of course. Whales are awesome – and they just happen to be all over the place here. Sometimes you can even spot them from the SeaMart parking lot!

In honor of the up and coming whale fest, I thought I would share some photos that I took the Biologist snapped of these amazing creatures.

whale2 whale1 whales3 whales4 DSC_0114

The biologist always gets the better photos. This is because I am usually freaking out and reverting back to my adolescent self that was obsessed with Free Willy (my sister, the aspiring killer whale trainer, can tell you about how much we LOVED whales). I just get too excited to take a decent picture. If I had any kind of composure, I am sure my images would be like this:



Have you also seen this video? It’s awesome!



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