Life is Beautiful – Part I

Do you know what rock fever is? I was starting to come down with a case of it so…I hopped on a plane and headed back to the desert to dry out my bones and clear my head. I visited one of my dearest friends from college and my attorney (aka her boyfriend) in Las Vegas for the weekend. We went to the Life is Beautiful Festival which was a music, culinary and art celebration. It was absolutely incredible! Here is a peek:

I left early and got to watch the sunrise


This was me


We went out for thai food and drinks that evening


It was great to catch up over a cocktail (or uh…two?)


Saturday we got our tickets and headed down to Fremont Street


lifeisbeautifulWe wandered around and checked out some of the booths, art exhibits and activities. Then we came across this:


Free mini Cirque du Soleil shows!

We were getting ready to watch Mystere when these guys decided to sit in front of me

soleilIMG_2143IMG_3539It was awesome!

Then it was time to get some drinks which turned out to be a little spendy. After having a $9 Heineken we struck gold and found some $2 PBR. Economics, you guys.


Then it was time to see Alabama ShakesIMG_3543

We elbowed our way up to the front and had a killer view

IMG_3545I would post a video but they didn’t turn out very well and seriously…have you guys heard of Vimeo or YouTube?

Imagine Dragons was up next but we missed some of it to go grab some chow at the Culinary Village. Unfortunately I don’t have many food photos because -hello- I was eating. The gourmet food booths were set up by Las Vegas restaurants and they had a tent with cooking demonstrations as well. I caught a peek of Cat Cora whipping some butter! Woot!

Oh and then we hit the end of Beck which was phenomenal


Finally it was time for my favorite – THE KINGS OF LEON! I have been wanting to see these guys for a while now. I may have behaved a little like a true psychotic fan when they came onstage because…well…I freaking love the Followills and frankly, their Sex was On Fire!

(Mom, don’t freak out – it’s a song)



I’ll let all this soak in and post some pictures from Day Two soon


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