Life is Beautiful – Part II

The second day of the Life is Beautiful festival was just as amazing as the first. Here are MORE pictures:

Do I have wonderful, attractive friends or what?

IMG_3563We were meandering around and somehow ended up scoring FREE (hooray!!) bracelets to the VIP bar. It was very cool…they had a beauty bar (aka free lipstick and hairstyles) set up. I got my hair braided festival style –beautybraidThen we went upstairs and discovered they had an OPEN BAR. This means the drinks are free. Yeah. FREE.


We had a great view and several Moscow Mules – SCORE!


When we finally stumbled out of there we saw some art, danced, listened to Haim and met some Canadians. It was the usual post-open bar shenanigans. IMG_3466_fotorIMG_3736IMG_3742

Next up – this happened IMG_2171

This is the part where I talk about how I almost died. I am terrified of heights, but I thought I was over it because I recently survived a helicopter ride and, well…Moscow Mules make you think you are invincible. WRONG.

IMG_2180My friends said the view was great. I didn’t notice because I was completely freaking out.

so scared


The highlight of the evening was The Killers. Did you know the lead singer Brandon Flowers is from Las Vegas?


I had such an amazing trip. Thanks Ebony & Dustin!

Cheers to more Adventures! 🙂

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