Whats in your bag?

Hi! We kicked off the weekend with a trip to Rios and some clam chowdah…



The sun came out, we watched Breaking Bad, I made gumbo, and we had some peeps over. Unfortunately there aren’t any photos of any of this… Sorry.

I thought I would substitute my lack of photography with something a little different. Lately I have noticed that several magazines have a “whats-in-your-purse” feature. These articles highlight what different people (especially celebrities) carry around in their handbags. I thought I would do that here. Ready, set….GO!


My bag is made of vegan leather – I don’t know what this means except that I found it on a clearance rack, so it is obviously not popular. Right now this is what is in it:

  1. Change
  2. Hair ties/barrettes
  3. A banana (not sure how long its been there -eek)
  4. Alcohol wipes (I’m a nurse)
  5. Face powder
  6. Earplugs
  7. 2 bottle openers
  8. A planner
  9. My camera
  10. Tampons
  11. My phone
  12. A book of matches
  13. Headphones
  14. Lotion
  15. 2 packs of Trident gum
  16. A wine cork (?)
  17. Keys
  18. Sunglasses
  19. An Airhorn
  20. 4 tubes of lipgloss/lipstick
  21. 3 pens
  22. Pistachios
  23. Bear Spray (This is Alaska, folks)
  24.  My wallet

Whats in your wallet?


One thought on “Whats in your bag?

  1. Megan I love your blog. I will post a pic of what’s in my bag once I’m off work. I will not alter the items. But this pic will have to wait just a bit because I have to get my butt back to work. I spent my lunch running today. I may start a blog to track Allie’s (and lets face it, MY) weight loss journey since the vet told me she needs to lose a few lbs. Currently she is passed out on the living room floor…. day one complete. Love u Meggy.

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