Ugly Christmas Sweater Fest ’13


Friday evening we hosted an Ugly Sweater Party. Let me just start by saying – I love holiday parties. At the best holiday party I ever attended, a woman in a white angora sweater with feathered cuffs lit herself on fire – but thats another story. Honestly…I usually enjoy any kind of party. Sometimes I enjoy them too much. On one or two occasions I may have made the mistake of having too much punch and morphed into this person:


Luckily that didn’t happen this time.

But that is really beside the point.

The main thing here is that the party was great, (I think) everyone had fun and there were some really phenomenal ugly sweaters. There was also a super hot guy at the party who wore this:


The biologist made his famous ham and I made the drink table. Hello Christmas Sangria and Red Punch (Delores – IT WAS AMAZING!)!!!

IMG_3917 DSC_0001_fotor

There was a televised yule log, fabulous lighting, cheese balls and some ridiculous music.


And did I mention the Ugly Sweaters? These guys were and are phenomenal


We tried to get a picture, but I was laughing too much and apparently I need some help styling my hair.


I hope you survive and thrive at all of your holiday events!

Ciao 🙂


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