Looking Good

Alright you guys. Lets talk about beauty and fashion. Did it just get awkward? Yeah.

So…the reality is that I live on an island in Alaska with 8,000 other people. This means that for the most part, people are a little laid back, everybody knows everybody else, and all you really need to get fancy are some black leggings and xtra tuffs so – why try?

I am sort of fascinated by makeup products and clothing (like I talked about here). I love reading all the blogs, magazines and tutorials about how to make yo’ self look awesome. The thing is, after living here for a while – you realize that not a lot of people give a shit about Sephora (or know what it is) and that mascara is a pain in the ass when it rains (which it does – everyday).  So you sort of become a slacker. You get busy fishing, exploring the vast breathtaking wilderness, embracing nature and eating the granola. (work with me here)

The other problem is that there really is only one option for beauty products “in town” here. This hot spot would be Harry Race…aka the local pharmacy that sells Bonne Bell Lipsmackers and the mascara in the green and pink tube.


So. In my spare time (which, hello six hours of daylight), I thought I would put together my top ten list of products that I still like to use. I don’t need this stuff (that was a lie), but these things help me feel like I am putting a little effort into myself. So here is my list.

Even though this is my expectation of fixing myself up


And this is usually the reality:

not josie grosie anymorebadmakeup

And because most of what I learned about makeup came from my Mom and her friends (Allison):


And even though I’m not really very knowledgeable about anything beauty related…well, I am going to keep trying.

So here is my list of top 10 beauty products:

  1. The best mascara in the world
  2. I like this eyeshadow palette and if you are a retard like me there are about a zillion online tutorials to help you
  3. MAC is the best (thanks Kendra for informing me about MAC that night we spent a few hours sucking copious nasal secretions from our patient and you gave me some tips on how I could look better)
  4. I love this lipgloss…it’s like Bonne Bell became an adult
  5. This body wash is the bomb (I think my roommate secretly uses it too)
  6. Go to classic face scrub
  7. Necessary cosmetic tool
  8. I use this stuff every day
  9. Amazing bronzer – everybody needs some color!!
  10. Secret weapon to ultimate hotness

Alright. This is the part where I talk about how we really don’t need beauty products and how we are all beautiful on the inside.


That being said, I just want to say I am glad Sephora and Birchbox ship to Alaska.

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