Lets Go Fishing

Alright you guys – when I moved to Alaska with the Biologist, I didn’t really have a clue about fishing. I grew up in the desert (Malheur County) with cowboys, Basques, sagebrush and lots of open space.huckleberry

My only real experience “fishing” consisted of pushing the button on the fishing pole and throwing it out into muddy water.

So then I moved to Alaska.Trolling Cruise Ship Edgecumbe_fotor

A few weeks after we arrived, I got to go fishing for the first time. My friend’s father took us out on his boat and let me tell you – I was so excited to be out on THE OCEAN. He put some fishing poles out, we cruised by some whales and I was taking as many pictures as I could. After a bit, he handed a pole to me and was like…YOU CAUGHT A FISH…REEL IT IN!! I had no idea what he was talking about, because I hadn’t really done anything, so I just started reeling.  There was a lot of resistance and I started complaining, but everyone was cheering – so I kept going. After a while, I was sweating profusely, thinking how my arm was going to fall off, and this thing sort of appeared at the top of the water and I thought shit – I caught a tennis racket. This shiny, florescent thing started flopping around, and my friend’s Dad sort of freaked out and grabbed the rod from me. We all got excited even though I didn’t really understand what was happening. And then he reeled this up, threw it into a net, and was like MEGAN! You caught a F@%$#^& FISH!!!fish2_fotorAt that point I freaked out, because I was expecting to catch a fish…not some weird prehistoric monster. He asked me if I wanted to hold it and take a photo…but I was so terrified of that flopping monster – I just couldn’t do it.

But anyway – the point is – with my limited knowledge – I want to let you know about a few fish that live here. That way if you ever come visit me and we catch a Lingcod, YellowEye or Halibut, you won’t be surprised. The disclaimer here is that an Alaskan Kindergartner could probably explain this better. Oh well. Here we go….

The day that I just talked about, we caught a Lingcod. You also might catch some other type of rockfish or Yelloweye.  Those fish live in the ocean…this is why I had never seen one before.

These are Herring:fish4

Halibut also live in the ocean. They get big…like this one (Thanks Chris for the photo!)halibut_fotor

There are five main types of salmon here. They are: Chinook (King), Sockeye, Silver, Pink and Chum. Salmon originate in rivers, travel to the ocean, then migrate back again to spawn. They change color in their transition from ocean to stream (I didn’t know this until I moved here).

Indian River Pinks 2_fotor

These are Silver and King Salmon:Kings and Silvers This is a male Silver salmon and a male Sockeye. You can determine the sex by the hook on the mouth and the hump on the Sockeye.fish11_fotor

You probably know what this is…it has fish in it’s name, but it isn’t OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hopefully we all just learned something….Lets go fishing!!! Ciao 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lets Go Fishing

  1. you’re killing me smalls!

    Tell the biologist that the steelhead are just showing up in decent numbers. Hope to make it up your way one of these days.

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