Throwback Thursday … Let it Rain!

If you were wondering what the weather has been like here in southeast Alaska, let me tell you. It has been raining. rainI’m not talking about romantic The-Notebook-kind-of-rain or a light drizzle…I am talking floods, landslides, five inches in 24 hours kind of rain. Yeah. I really should be creating a Paypal account to collect donations for a new raincoat. Ahem…Anyway…

I thought I would pull out the old “Throwback Thursday” trick today. Here we go with some oldies (but goodies) and happiness for this rainy day.

First up … who doesn’t love a little Pacific Northwest hodgepodge? Some of my favorite places – Oregon, the Emerald City and good ‘ol downtown Portland


Ah road trips!! Did you know there are only 17 miles of paved road on this island (from one end to the other)? We don’t take road trips…we take Boat Trips! 😉


An old picture of the Biologist…or his arm anyway

fishAAnd all this rain and dreary weather have got me thinking about how wonderful and warm those Hawaiian beaches and canyons were…


So there you go. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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