Some Funny Things About Living in Alaska

IMG_0150When the Biologist and I moved to Alaska, neither of us had ever been here. It is wild enough moving somewhere you have never been, but moving to ALASKA? Yeah…woah. We did a lot of research (and by we – I mean the Biologist…research is his job, dude) and it’s fair to say I felt prepared. With any new experience there are always a few surprises, which has been part of the adventure.

I found this list a few days ago and some of the things made me laugh out loud. It is funny how you get used to things (like float planes, bears and X-Tra Tuffs) being a natural part of everyday life. Most of the statements in this list are true…if you live here, maybe you can relate 😉

Great Land of Alaska

You Might Live in Alaska if…

  1. You have ever been asked if you use Canadian/Russian currency.
  2. You have ever been asked if you live in an igloo.
  3. Power outages don’t seem to bother you.
  4. You refer to Lower-48ers as foreigners.
  5. You know what a Lower-48er is.
  6. Dressing up means putting on your cleanest flannel shirt.
  7. It drives you crazy when people pronounce the “l” in salmon or the “p” in ptarmigan.
  8. It drives you crazy when people don’t pronounce both k’s in Knik.
  9. It drives you crazy when people pronounce Valdez “val-dehz” instead of “val-DEEZ”.
  10. The only way to get to the town you live in is by airplane, weather permitting.
  11. Texas seems awfully small and crowded.
  12. You’ve had to expain that you don’t live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (some maps show Alaska as an inset by Hawai’i).
  13. You think the Rocky Mountains are wimpy.
  14. You don’t even think of the Appalachian Mountains as mountains.
  15. You’ve ever told a Lower-48er that you live in an igloo, wrestle bears, wear animal skins, and eat whale blubber just to see if they believe you.
  16. …and they did.
  17. You don’t wash your car anymore, because the dirt is the only thing holding it together.
  18. You wash your car, and five minutes later it’s as dirty as it was before.
  19. “There was a bear blocking my driveway” is an acceptable reason for being late for work or school.
  20. You only recognize two seasons: fishing season and waiting for fishing season.
  21. Almost everything you’ll ever need can be found at a hardware store or a sporting goods store.
  22. You need an air conditioner when the temperature soars into the 60’s.
  23. You have never seen the summer star constellations.
  24. You laugh when the media makes a big deal about a magnitude 4 earthquake in California.
  25. You would pay $10 for an old head of lettuce.
  26. If the airplane bounces only three times, you consider it a good landing.
  27. Your four food groups are fish, moose, Spam, and beer.
  28. Your idea of sexy lingerie is an unbuttoned flannel shirt.
  29. You know at least seven ways to serve moose.
  30. Everyone automatically assumes you’re a Jewel fan.
  31. You get tired of people asking if you eat penguins.
  32. Your brake light is a piece of red cellophane and duct tape.
  33. Your school has ever served fish head soup for lunch.
  34. You wear X-tra Tuff boots with your suit and tie.
  35. You know at least ten words/phrases of Russian, Japanese, and/or any Native Alaskan language (i.e. Yup’ik, Inupiaq, Tlingit, et. al).
  36. You don’t look north to find the north star; you look up.
  37. You’ve needed to use your car’s sun visor at noon.
  38. You know if you tell your kids to “be home by dark” you won’t see them until Fall.
  39. The only stores in your town that are open on Sunday are the liquor stores.
  40. You’ve had to explain more than one item on this list to somebody.

If you visited this blog looking for an update on what is going on in Southeast Alaska…well, here you go:IMG_3998

Ciao! 🙂

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