Favorite Spaces

The Biologist and I are getting ready  to move! I am excited, terrified and overwhelmed right now…but here we are and it’s all happening. I wanted to share some of my favorite parts of this pit of despair little space we are escaping from leaving behind. So here goes:

DSC_0026_fotorFavorite little table cloth. These fish make me so happy. Once after a wild night of dinner and wine, the fishes were swimming in red wine. I thought the stains would never come out. But they did. Clorox. Yes and thank you.


Basket I found at the White Elephant for $2. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I started throwing in wine corks and things we collected at the beach. My favorite beach find is the potentially radioactive Japanese buoy. Score!

DSC_0032_fotorThe living room and the first plant I got in Alaska. It’s a survivor! The picture is also one of my favorites. I didn’t want to go out that night, but we did and it was phenomenal.

DSC_0004_fotorFavorite corner in our apartment. Who doesn’t love walking into a room and seeing an Oregon license plate and a sign for the best beer in the world?

DSC_0013_fotorI really wanted to take an outrageous, apartment-therapy style photo here…but the blackout curtains don’t really accommodate that. I made the wall art. It is painted canvases with Instagram pictures and mode-podge. It is ridiculous. I should hang up something more adult, like an Ansel Adams print…but…well…I haven’t yet.

DSC_0016_fotor_fotorBiologist’s space. Fly-tying magic happens here.

DSC_0011_fotorKitchen. Red accents fo-evah.


My friend Yvonne made these cards for me. She is the most talented, amazing person I know.

DSC_0024_fotorA shadow box in the “dining room” … everything I love!

So there you go. An apartment in a nutshell. What is your space like?

3 thoughts on “Favorite Spaces

  1. I love these posts! I love you! & I can’t wait to see how you transform your new home!! Just remember, miracles happen with a $50 gallon of paint! Your treasures make me so happy!

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