Keys to the Kingdom

In my last post, I made the announcement that the Biologist and I are moving into an oceanfront shack (aka trailer). Yesterday we got the keys to our Mcmansion. I think we both have a serious case of buyers remorse…but we didn’t buy anything so I am not sure what you call it. Either way – we have a lot of work to do.trailerI was a little hesitant to post this photo…but lets just cut to the chase and make it real. Note: the Christmas lights, pet carrier and antifreeze (?) containers……jenniferlawrence

One interesting challenge we are up against involves a rabbit.
IMG_4264The previous owner had a little pet rabbit named Biscuit who spent his days hopping freely around the house. As fate would have it, the Biologist is allergic to rabbit dander. The result of this histamine dilemma is that I might have to do most of the work while he eats Claritin. No bueno.

The last time we visited, the bunny was happily hopping circles around the Biologist while he sneezed. I think I would have noticed more of the red flags in this situation if I hadn’t been busy taking photos of the rabbit with my iPhone. At one point, the owner shooed Biscuit off the couch, refilled her glass of wine and told us that she just drank a lot and that made living there just fine.

kristenwiigwine Yikes.

Lets all cross our fingers, grab our allergy meds + hazmat suits…and get to work!

10 thoughts on “Keys to the Kingdom

  1. Let me give you some up sides. Rabbits taste delicious. Christmas lights make an excellent substitute for that glaring porch light. Wine, well wine makes everything tolerable.

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