Painting the Pit

I am excited to announce that we have made some amazing progress on the trailer! Doesn’t it look great?silly


Haha! Just kidding…

We are slowly making progress. McMansion renovations are consuming our weekends and evenings after work. The good news is it’s coming together! Thanks to the Biologlist, the living room has a new ceiling and this week we started painting.IMG_4440

The painting has been interesting – I am the worst painter EVER and have managed to get it everywhere it shouldn’t be. At this point I feel like we should be buying stock in Kilz. Mad props to whoever invented the stuff. Its miraculous.

Another thing about paint…who knew there were so many shades of green? Eeek! How do you choose?

IMG_4452It’s been a lot of work but it is kind of exciting to see our progress…IMG_4353_fotor Have a good week….and if you are in town, feel free to bring your paint roller and stop by!


3 thoughts on “Painting the Pit

  1. Love it! So exciting that you live on the ocean. Hope you’re doing well – never heard a reply back from my email, but I’m still following and glad you’re doing good. 🙂

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