This weekend we are putting new flooring in our little beach shack. I am helping by staying out of the way and delivering food and beer as needed! I have been able to sneak in a little cabinet/bathroom priming too. The sun has been out this weekend and its been fun to take some work breaks and soak in the view across the street:


It has been a wild ride getting the mcmansion ready for flooring. If you were wondering, here is a before/after of the hallway. Walls retextured, ceilings finished, floors prepped…check! All I need now is someone to show me how to take a better “after” picture.


To keep us powering through the weekend, I busted out the crockpot and made some of the Biologist’s award winning chili. It is sort of similar to this. I would post his recipe – but its top secret 😉

Lets cross our fingers that the upcoming week is productive! Here are some songs to get us through:


2 thoughts on “Groundwork

  1. Wow!!! You guys have come far with the McMansion!!!!! It is looking very “tres chic”😉 can’t wait to see the completed project! Good work!
    We sure miss seeing you guys though!

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