You guys. I was getting ready to write this post and be all like – OMG! Look at our progress, isn’t this great? We are breezing through this! Its wonderful and we are just renovating the shit out of this trailer and life is perfect, awesome, full of northern lights and yadda yadda yadda. Alaska fo-evuh.

Most of that would be true. But a lot of that would be a lie.

The truth is…this whole thing has been tough. It is hard busting out the usual soul-sucking 40 hour (+) work week, then the adding the extra “get-this-shit-done” weeknight hours, plus Saturday/Sunday pouring-your-guts-into an antiquated trailer that has suspect plumbing and bum electrical configuration that makes you write run on sentences. It’s intimidating having a strict timeline, a specific move-in date and realizing that if you don’t get your shit together – nobody is going to get it together for you. Take an active role in your own rescue, right? Ugh.

My day job right now is at a weird, stressful, pivotal point. This time of year, I am also missing the Oregon springtime, open roads, the smell of Idaho sagebrush, the Deschutes, and lilac bushes at my Grandmothers. Lets also add the fact that I completely missed seeing the Northern Lights last weekend because frankly, I was too exhausted to look outside. This, in combination with project a-la-trailer, is sort of propagating into an emotionally draining melancholia. Debbie Downer? Sure.


Let’s pony up and get real here.

This whole thing totally sucks. On the other hand….I think it’s going to be okay. While I am bone-dead tired, I am grateful to be working on and for something. I am thankful that I have a place to live; that I actually have a job and fresh ocean air to breathe. I am incredibly proud of the Biologist (look at those floors…amazing!) and our progress. I am thankful that I have my family in Oregon to visit, talk to and get support from anytime. I am thankful for you…the dudes who read this blog and have been super supportive. People like my amazing friend Lana – she let us borrow her shopvac and then gave us a taco soup dinner!  Woah.

So, here is this weeks before and after. With some sunshine shining through…because, however you want to look at it, we are making progress (please note: new ceiling/floor #yourwelcome #justsaynotofluorescentlights).

p.s. – On Monday I was jonesing for some pork fried rice…. but there aren’t any awesome Chinese places here. So I made some. Sometimes you just have to stop, turn up the Kings of Leon and make your own magic. BOOM.

4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Wow! Those floors are awesome! When you’re done there, I have about 500 sq ft I need done. haha just kidding. You’ll probably lose the word remodel from your vocabulary completely after this.

  2. Meggy…. it’s beautiful. High five the biologist upon reading this message of encouragement and amazement. .. not just for his contributions to the science of biology, not just for being awesome, but for taking something and making it beautiful.. (INSERT THE HOT CHICK WALK BY WHISTLE HERE DIRECTED AT THOSE FINE FLOORS). I am sure once completed, this little home will be one of your happiest AK memories. Missing you and hope to see you soon. Ginger-E.

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