Your Thoughts?

Alright you guys, this isn’t anything new – but I need some help here. We are slowly decorating our little Mcmansion. Thanks to over-the-top-Pinterest-fueled expectations, my short attention span and general lack of decorating skill … this has been a tad challenging.

One problem that has presented itself is the living room window. There is a small (30x40ish) window above the couch in the living room. It looks out into the mudroom, which, well…isn’t ideal. It’s actually kind of an eyesore. I was looking for a “before” picture but have been unable to find one because we purposefully have not photographed it (it’s THAT bad). Before we started moving in, I looked everywhere for a large print or something to hang over it. I found this print and was like BINGO.

SO. It finally came in the mail. We hung it up. And this is what it looks like:wave wall

Isn’t this photo amazing? Obviously I should be teaching photography classes. Not. It was difficult to take a good picture because the print is so…glossy? Ugh. This is what the Biologist thought:ryanhellno

I have mixed feelings about it and can’t decide. So we are taking a poll.

You just might be able to see a glimpse of the now hidden window in the video from our last post. If you missed that…well… is the link:livingroombeforeandafter

In other Southeast Alaska news… my awesome co-worker Tonya noticed this boat docking outside and took a photo from her front door:carnivalYah. If that wasn’t enough excitement, Tonya also happened to see this bear near her back yard the other night:IMG_4550It ate her neighbor’s dog. If you think I am kidding…check this out.

Anyway. Please take the poll and let us know what you think! I would also appreciate any decorating advice. Thanks Tonya for sharing your photos!!


4 thoughts on “Your Thoughts?

  1. I feel obligated to “queer eye” this situation.

    Asian paintings that have become pop art on a canvass too big for a space and then hung asymmetrically look worse than a window because they aren’t permanent so I don’t offer any forgiveness for how horrible it looks.

    Which brings me to my second point… windows aren’t permanent. You guys have taken a place with less domestic potential than the Gavin Hill shelter and have transformed it beautifully into a home that objectively contradicts your claim to a lack of decorating skills. 2x4s and sheet rock can easily fill in a hole left by an uninstalled interior window. You did the rest of the house, why not the window?

    But that takes some effort in a room you thought you were done with so here is my easy suggestion… Decorate from the reverse side and back light it. A dark window is going to look depressing and mudrooms are ugly. Try using fabric with a modest design (like neutral 3″ stripes) and put a shade of the mudroom light so an ambient glow can come in through there. (DO NOT use this as a “frame” for cheap art or crafty shit. That will look kitschy.)

    Sell the IKEA art on You can probably make $5.

    All this advice without ever going on pintrist. *Flys away

  2. Nick is a genius! We all knew that thought from trivia night. (if this is the correct Nick) I think his idea good. Or you could just put up some curtains. That’s my lazy opinion! The picture is ok but it does look a little “I just moved out of my moms and this was my favorite poster” look. You’ll will figure it out and it will be spectacular just like the rest of the house! You guys have accomplished so much! Color me impressed.

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