The Butterfly Effect

butterfly2You guys. I have talked a lot about our Mcmansion – the remodel, the move, daily life. Last week we took a poll to see if we should keep the print of The Great Wave of Kanagawa (which is staying for now because the vote was 14 – 8 and I haven’t had time to follow Nick’s advice). At last week’s White Trash Bash, the topic of “The Butterflies” kept coming up. I wasn’t going to mention this because I assumed everyone was aware of this eyesore until I realized….I haven’t talked about the butterflies. So lets back up…

The first day that I looked at the trailer, the nice lady that was living here gave me directions and said – just look for the trailer with the butterflies. I was like this:jennifer-lawrencehuh?

I pulled into the driveway and immediately saw what she was talking about. There are three butterflies happily perched on the front of the trailer:butterflies

This was my initial reaction:jeniferohno

As time has gone by, we have dealt with things like black mold, drop down ceilings, faulty plumbing and general overhaul – the butterflies have taken a serious back seat. We joke about them frequently and they have become a fantastic point of conversation.IMG_4361(By the way, this is my favorite trailer photo of all time…that was the day we got rid of the washer and dryer)

At this point I have gotten used to the butterflies and am kind of developing an affinity for them. Now we are trying to decide if we should leave them up or take them down. So, naturally the only thing to do is take ANOTHER poll:

Let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “The Butterfly Effect

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