And Then, I Got My Picture Taken

1416 copyMy last year of High School, I did the thing most people do…I got my Senior Pictures taken. Most people hire a professional photographer, suit up in their letterman jackets and say cheese. I didn’t really fall into the “most people” category. I was more in the antisocial, awkward, greasy hair + braces group. Instead of being like everybody else, I decided to get my pictures done at Glamour Shots in the mall.

If you don’t know what Glamour Shots are, then you probably didn’t live in the 80’s or early 90’s.  They do your hair + makeup and all the photos get some soft editing. Most of what I remember about the experience is the woman putting makeup on my face with a spatula and then telling me to sit tight while she took a quick break to smoke an unflitered Marlboro. I ended up with some photos of me wearing this weird beret (circa Julia Roberts as a prostitute in Pretty Woman). I also had just gotten this strange cocktail ring from Claires and insisted it be in the picture – so I have my hand tucked in this weird position under my chin to show off my cheap costume jewelry.  I would post the picture – but thankfully, I don’t know where they are today.


My friend Laura is an amazing photographer and I asked her if she wanted to share some photos from her business, Gypsy Mountain Photography, on the blog. She suggested we take some pictures of me and use some of those, as well as some of her other work. With Glamour Shots as my only professional photography experience and the factoid that I am not that photogenic, I was a little hesitant about this. But. You guys. Laura is awesome and I had so much fun working with her. The pictures are great and her work is really, really lovely. Check her out!

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