All By Myself

The Biologist is gone this week and that means I have been left to my own devices!bridgetjonesRight. Actually I have been keeping it mellow, eating lots of cilantro (he hates it) and not taking showers. Julia Child is trying to teach me how to make omelets – but we haven’t been very successful and I don’t want to talk about what happens when you flip eggs on the floor and ceiling simultaneoulsy. Yikes. I may have gone to the gym a few times too (finally). #productive

bridgetjones2Sunday I had a success and made some of the best chicken I have ever had. I read about it herechicken2.0

Unlike the man who wrote the article, my heart isn’t broken right now (usually I cope with heartache by drinking excessive amounts of tequila, dancing and watching Sweet November). Ahem. This dish is delicious, easy and eating it is therapeutic. You should make it.


Enjoy the rest of your week!! Cheers!!


3 thoughts on “All By Myself

  1. Just loaded on the ferry to go to Sitka for the weekend! Hope I get to see you (and eat your leftovers, I know you hate them).


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