#Slug Slayer

IMG_4672I am super excited this week! Some of the lettuce in our little garden got big enough to harvest! Yesterday I was out in Alaskan rain, chopping greens, congratulating myself on my outrageous gardening skills…….then I noticed not one, but THREE of these little bastards sliming around:
slugThats right. Slugs. gross

Yeah. Ew. After I calmed myself down and screamed some swear words, I did what any other person would do – I made some slug poison. Vinegar, water, salt and vodka in a big mason jar. I plopped those three foul little creatures in and gave it a healthy shake. Don’t mess with my lettuce, bitch.


I’m happy to report that I had one of the best, home-grown-slug-free salads of my life. What can I say…I am turning into a trailer park vegetable growing badasslettuceCheers! 🙂


2 thoughts on “#Slug Slayer

  1. That is some pretty looking lettuce! I bet it was delicious! I hope the slug police didn’t hear about this triple slugicide😜

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