The Oven is Broken

You guys. I have a mild case of pyromania, but this weekend – things got a little….out of control.

I was making cookies, playing it cool, minding my own beeswax. A delicious chocolate-pistachio-love-affair-on-a-pan was coming out of the oven when I noticed the element on the bottom was sparking. Red flag, right? I remained calm turned the oven off, removed the cookies and slammed the door hoping that mess would contain itself. Instead of like, dying down, the whole element started doing this weird pulse-glow thing and flames started shooting out of it. americanhustleThere was a POP and much to my horror, the element snapped in half. I hit the flames with a towel and found myself shouting profanities, waving a flowered, smoking dishtowel and screaming like a maniac. Thats about the time there was another POP – the lights went out and I was plunged into the darkness, armed only with my hysterics and smoldering kitchen linens.IMG_4692

I realized that I had probably tripped a breaker and had to get the power back on right away (i.e. before the Biologist got back and discovered what was going on). The problem is that the current state of the breaker box is a little sketch. There was a piece of wood screwed over the front, so I really couldn’t reset anything and I was having mixed feelings about flipping a bunch of switches. IMG_4343After disposing of my smoldering towel, I threw some windows open to clear the smoke and called an electrician (aka, my Dad). He explained to me that because we live in  the beachside ghetto a trailer, the main breaker was probably outside. This has something to do with the fact that trailers like, can be moved or something. The man is a patient genius; he talked me through it and we had things up and running with the flip of a switch (thanks Dad!).

The end of this story involves the Biologist calmly removing the burnt element. The other good news is that there a new oven element on the way (thanks Amazon!). The broiler and top of the stove are also still functional (hooray!) – all is not lost.

I learned a lot from this experience. Now I know where the breaker box is, I realized we don’t own a fire extinguisher, and I learned why you should not put water on an electric oven fire (hypothetically 😉 ). In approximately five to seven business days, I also get to learn how to become an oven-element installer! Trial by fire? I think so.

Basically, I was just warming up for the fourth of July! Cheers!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Oven is Broken

  1. You crack me up. Love the blog. Next time you text me asking me silly questions, try a bit of an explanation. I’d love to be on some of your “adventures in learning”


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