Oh Hey – It’s Raining…Again.

Hi. A lot has been happening. Nothing has been happening. It kind of feels like this:
blue crush Right. And it has been raining here. A LOT.rainyBut don’t worry. In between rainstorms, I have been taking care of my little garden and have been planting more things. It was a little late to plant these potatoes, but I thought….why the hell not?! I recently turned total farming nerd and have been reading all sorts of online gardening forums, botany reports and I might be stalking a garden gnome. Yikes.




Luckily these guys have been leaving the golden greens alone. I think we have a collective understanding. It’s called a community. IMG_4724

IMG_4743When it hasn’t been raining – it looks like this: IMG_4700

We got lucky on the Fourth of July … it was just drizzly. The Biologist and I went to a BBQ at my friend Laura’s and LOVED the view:IMG_4702DSC_0019


Speaking of views…I really want to submit pictures of our trailer trash overhaul to www.apartmenttherapy.com. They do reviews of home makeovers, provide decorating / organizing ideas and just blow my mind in general. Unfortunatley my “after pictures” seem to be plagued with dying plants and are too tv-centric. How do I fix this? The black mold I inhaled during the remodel is obviously poisoning my brain and keeping me from creative and social success. DSC_0007So I have been power walking running. And getting bug bites. Both of these things are RIDICULOUS.
IMG_4710Honestly, the only reason I have been running is because my roommate and I keep going on dates that include beer and complex carbohydrates.

That’s really all I have for right now. I wish today was Friday…but lets all power through!

Cheers! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Oh Hey – It’s Raining…Again.

  1. 1. Despite the rain, the landscape is gorg.

    2. Your ability to speak to animals is amazing.

    3. I also eat a lot of carbs and drink a lot of beer, but I don’t run b/c it’s ridiculous.

    4. I posted a few poor quality photos of my house on FY! today. Maybe they’ll inspire your poisoned brain 🙂

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