I have been a little behind on my posts here because…oh…I have been on vacation! Last week I took a little jaunt back to America to visit my family. I spent a few days in Eastern Oregon and then the last part of the week in Portland. IMG_4911

One of the very first things that happened was my camera decided to die. Not cool. I had aspirations to shoot crazy photos of Oregon sunsets, Portland cityscapes and Pacific Northwest amazing-ness. Instead, I was stuck with my trusty iPhone. Therefore, have a plethora of ridiculous selfies, pictures of random beer, and several shaky shots I attempted to take while riding the MAX line. *Le sigh*
IMG_4922 I spent most of my trip shopping, eating, drinking, shopping and eating. We hit up some of my favorites like Rock Bottom Brewery, Kells, Montage and the City Grill. I really was hoping to get to Salt & Straw, but didn’t quite make it.IMG_4973 Saturday was the Oregon Brewers Festival and we spent most of the day on the waterfront soaking up sunshine and sampling microbrews. IMG_4975

We stayed at Hotel Modera, which I absolutely loved. They have fire pits outside and we spent a few evenings talking, relaxing and soaking in the atmosphere. It was really amazing and made me feel like I was definitely on vacation.

Sunday night, I met some of my favorite people at Kennedy School McMenamins. It was the first time I had been there and it was a blast. If you go there order a greyhound…or don’t because you will want to order five.

IMG_4972It was a really wonderful trip and I am thankful I am able to travel home once in a while. 
IMG_4979Hope your week is awesome! Cheers! 🙂


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