I have some big news to announce today. Are you ready?
My boyfriend wrote this article about Selfies for the New York Times.

jamessmilesOk…part of that might have been a slight exaggeration – but I did enjoy the article. The only way to follow this up, of course, is with an obligatory selfie: IMG_4766


I purposefully try not to post a lot of photos of us, like I talked about here...but I guess we can make an exception since we are discussing “the selfie”.Mean-Girls-GIF-Regina-George-Rachel-McAdams-You-Think-Youre-Really-PrettyYikes.

Anyway. Other than selfies…what is going on around here are lots of messes. We (and by we, I mean the Biologist) are replacing a door and fixing up some outside stuff. It’s been kind of a wreck but projects are slowly evolving.IMG_5003 IMG_5011We took a little break last weekend and hit up the Sitka Seafood Festival. And because I am an awesome blogger, I took one picture. This is it…and apparently I am starting sentences with conjunctions so that is great too. *sigh*IMG_5008I hope the rest of the week is amazing for you!

Cheers!!! 🙂

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