Saturday 1.0

Remember when I mentioned that my camera broke while I was on my trip to Oregon? Since I can’t seem to live without my trusty point-and-shoot, I bit the bullet and got a new one. This means that all week I have been taking pictures of EVERYTHING.august3 august1 august2 august4 IMG_5024Isn’t this weird photo homegrown peas great? Woot! WOot!

In my last post I mentioned that we are working on some projects. While there still are a lot of things evolving, the Biologist finished “project new door” a few days ago. I would put a before/after…but honestly, I am just trying to forget about the before because it was that bad.door1If you are looking for something to read on this rainy Saturday, I would suggest this post (it has some great photos AND a recipe). I also read this about Minimalism this morning. The whole trailer renovation thing has also made me think a lot about maximizing space and keeping what you need.

Anyway – enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Cheers!!!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Saturday 1.0

  1. Great photos, especially the first one. The sunlight is perfection. Also, please continue posting your projects b/c I hate feeling like the only blogger who doesn’t live in a completely renovated, perfectly decorated mansion. Thanks!

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