View from the iPhone

This is what the last two weeks have looked like according to my iPhone…

Ready, Set, GO!

There have been lots of amazing sunsets…IMG_5151We had a fantastic time the other weekend! I forgot to share this gem…
IMG_5167This cartoon. Pretty much sums things up…
IMG_5140WHY did I get these shoes? They are impractical and ridiculous for Alaska. The answer is – I don’t care. They are my new favorite and I am wearing them anyway. #trailerparkfashion


I got some Harry & David peaches in the mail (thanks Mom!)! It’s so hard to get good produce here because everything is barged in. These make me so excited….IMG_5182Favorite time of day – walking to the mailbox…
IMG_5180Maria drew me a map so I could go see the dead seal that washed up on the beach. Ahhh the novelties of island living!IMG_5125

Dinner Prep..IMG_5165

Evening…IMG_5174Cheers! 🙂


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