Alaska Day!

bootsHappy (almost) Alaska Day!! I know most of you are as excited as I am…or did you even know that this holiday existed?

October 18 is the day we celebrate Alaska becoming a state. It is a big deal ’round here. Festivities include a parade, the Alaska Day Ball and a bunch of other events that involve 1867-era costumes and the Seattle Firefighters Pipe Band. It’s fun!



This past week has been insane busy (hence the quiet around here). There has been a lot of Alaska Day pre-gaming, projects and, you guys – life! On top of it all I have been dying hitting up Shannons classes. The Biologist also has a birthday coming up and I’m going to be traveling next week. Its crazy, but good! 🙂

One bonus from this week …. we got a surprise piece of art in the mail! Check this lady out!IMG_5228 Have a great weekend and do something fun to celebrate Alaska Day!

Cheers! 🙂

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