Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

You guys. I love Halloween. Anything that involves costumes, candy and anything autumn… I am there! This year the Biologist and I are going to keep it mellow. The plan is to make dinner, watch a frightening movie and pass out some candy. Then again, we might turn off the porch light, sit on the couch and eat all of the candy ourselves.

My favorite Halloween movie is Arsenic & Old Lace. I love old movies – especially this one. It isn’t scary – just silly and totally brilliant. One of my favorite Halloween memories was when I was in that awkward stage where I was too old to go trick-or-treating but young enough that I really wanted to go anyway. My three younger sisters went trick-or-treating with my Mom and I spent the evening at home with my Dad.  We handed out boxes of cracker-jacks and watched Arsenic & Old Lace. My Dad has a knack for making the mundane fun and I had a blast watching themovie, joking around and passing out boxes of caramel corn to the little ghosts, trolls and witches that stopped by. That lovely Halloween night is one of my favorites.

We recently got ready for Halloween by having some friends over and carving up some pumpkins. I whipped up some BBQ Country Style Ribs, Fall Detox Salad and Bourbon Sidecars. Nobody chopped any fingers off (this always worries me when carving pumpkins) and overall I think we created some fantastic creations.


We roasted the seeds (my favorite). My albino ghost pumpkin approved.

pumpkina pumpkinb DSC_0045


The seeds turned out wonderfully and I am really pleased with my junior albino pumpkin. Are you scared yet?


What are you doing for Halloween?

Cheers! 🙂

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