Everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving next week. There are a million internet postings about special recipes and tips to make your dinner the most perfect, Norman Rockwell-esque feast. I thought about joining the party and posting a recipe. Perhaps I could provide you with some wild tips about how to prepare for Thanksgiving in Alaska (Turkey? How about ptarmigan and caribou instead?!). That could be awkward. But then I realized…I AM awkward. I started thinking about it and the biggest challenge I have encountered during the holidays is (drumroll, please)….the awkward dinner party.

People sometimes remember absurd, tryptophan-loaded dishes they eat during Thanksgiving dinner. Rarely do people recall the decorations, table settings or that special monogrammed napkin. The memories that stick with us are the social interactions…how others made them feel, the drunk aunt who accidentally lit herself on fire, and the weird boyfriend that dropped the green bean casserole. In a nutshell, social interaction is one of the most imperative parts of a Thanksgiving dinner. If you are like me, this poses a problem.

If I had to vote for the most awkward person I know, I would vote for myself. I have a gift for saying things at the wrong time. I am clumsy and have been known to drop casseroles while simultaneously lighting myself on fire. At one of the worst Thanksgivings of my life, I was mixing a martini in a glass shaker which shattered. The glass shards hit a person in the face and I don’t want to talk about what else ensued because. yeah.

So. Here are some resources for surviving navigating the treacherous aspects of Thanksgiving dinner and whatever holiday celebration you find yourself in:

1. The Awkward Situation Survival Guide: This site is hilarious and full of great suggestions. Tips include how to fend off unwanted conversation and what to do when you think people are talking to you but they aren’t (I do this all the time):awkward6

2. The Family Party: Are you meeting your partner or a friends family? Best advice…use the buddy system!imwatchingyou

3. Break that Awkward Silence!


4. How to Be Interesting at a Dinner Party: Being interesting is a good thing….Dinner_Party_Conversation

5. How to Survive Your Family This Thanksgiving: Family. Fo-evuh.

drunk uncle


Let’s all go conquer the holiday party scene!!!

Be yourself. Be kind. Be grateful. Cheers! 🙂

3 thoughts on “#Awkward

  1. I’m not gonna lie. The martini shaking incident sounded reallllly awkward. Oh well. When martinis are involved, it can’t be all bad. Happy Thanksgiving!

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