Weekend Cabin Getaway!


We spent this past weekend camping! One of our friends rented a cabin on one of the outlying islands and a group of us spent the weekend there. We left early in the morning, loaded our gear onto the boat and took a short ride out to camp. In the afternoon we pulled some crab pots and made a haul of nine Dungeness crabs that we had for dinner that evening! Delicious!! We spent time hanging out, hiking, playing card games and just relaxing.

allenpoint23 allenpoint2

While we were pulling the crab pots, some state troopers came over to check us out. I was paranoid they were going to arrest us (I might have forgotten my fishing license). They just wanted to see what we had caught and even offered to take some pictures for us. #crab.victory


This guy almost took my finger off…but I escaped with just a small flesh wound. He was delicious.


This little gal was the cutest camper for sure…


We had a really lovely time and I am excited for our next adventure!

Cheers! 🙂


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