Hi Guys! Are you ready for the holidays? I’m not…but here we are. It’s been a busy few weeks.

We took a trip north and the Biologist got Lasik. As a result of this venture, I had to drive a rental car in Anchorage during winter (not very fun)…but we survived and so did the car. Somebody has perfect vision now!IMG_5678

The solstice is next week, which means the days have been short and dark. I’ve been spending my evenings working on projects and sipping hot drinks.IMG_5650xmas7

My most recent project involved gearing up for our annual Ugly Sweater Party. I made some fudge, peanut butter balls and too many truffles. To keep up with the holiday party fashion scene, I also might have made a skirt out of a tree skirt. BAM! IMG_5689


The party seemed like a success. There was tons of food, a game and of course…lots of ugly sweaters.
uglyxmas1 uglyxmas2 uglyxmas3 uglyxmas4 uglyxmas6
Thank you to everybody who came and celebrated with us!

I still have a million things to get done before Christmas arrives, so I better get moving!

Cheers!! 🙂

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