Hanukkah, Latkes and Cabin Fever

Happy Hanukkah you guys!!!!

It’s Friday (but I am writing this on Thursday) and next week is Christmas! We took down the lights from the Ugly Sweater Party and then I realized that we actually still need them becausenightmareWe definetly need them while we eat Christmas dinner!!! I am excited.

This is what has been happening in Alaska this week:

– I am getting cabin fever. There are eight hours of daylight and I am missing most of them because I live in a jail cell an office. Right now it feels like life is gym, work, dinner and sleeping. WHERE IS THE SUN? I have been doing some research and found that the trick for curing cabin fever is “experiencing nature”. Apparently I need to go outside with my headlamp more and it is obvious that the people who “cure” cabin fever do not live in Alaska. This is what it is like if I walk outside:


– Let’s switch gears and get positive. It is Hanukkah!!! I received some fantastic cookies and a friend brought me a traditional Alaska cookbook. I really want to make the salmon nuggets with a side of sautéed beach asparagus…but I haven’t been able to do it because I am somewhere between terrified and intrigued.IMG_5699

– Tonight I made latkes because – HANUKKAH! They were awful. Don’t use purple potatoes. Follow the recipe and use the Yukon Gold. WHY CAN’T I FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. Ugh. Obviously I missed this article. I guess if anything I have something to improve on for the New Years.latkes2

– I made cheeseballs. Three of them. For holiday parties. Thank God for my friend Jessica and her blog because she is the best (she also took this picture) AMAZEBALLS:


– Next week is Christmas. Maybe you want to buy your family “authentic” Alaskan gifts. HERE YOU GO. I mean, who doesn’t want salmon vodka???



Anyway. I hope your holidays are going well!! HAPPY HANUKKAH!

L’Chaim! 🙂

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