The Best of 2014

best of

2015 is almost here! What the heck happened in 2014? This is what we were doing:

Fishing! Of course.halibut_fotor

In February we escaped from Alaska and went to Maui. This was also the magical month I discovered the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in the world.IMG_4191

Spring happened. We went temporarily insane and moved into the Mcmansion-trailer-beach-shack. Oh – and we traveled to Canada!IMG_4353

When we weren’t working or traveling, our time went into remodeling our um home. This included a debate about whether or not to keep some butterflies. They are still flying strong. This photo says so many things:IMG_4361

The summer was crazy busy. My friend Jackie helped me plant a garden and my amazing friend Laura took my picture.IMG_4672

In July I traveled back to Oregon to see my family. Not having them close is my least favorite part about living in Alaska (or is it the best?….JUST KIDDING MOM).20140724-115837-43117030.jpg

Then. On one balmy August night, a bear came to visit me. I didn’t like it AT ALL.

The Biologist had his own set of bear encounters. He made it through field season and did a guest post. What a great guy. 🙂DSC_0214

In October, I jet set to Las Vegas where I met a celebrity chef and rocked out with two of my favorite friends. IMG_5503

I came home and it seemed like winter came out of nowhere. The days got darker and we took spent what time we could looking for whales and  getting away.

whales from megan johnson on Vimeo.


Thank you all for making 2014 such a fab year…and for reading this blog. Can you believe we’ve been at this for over a year? Woah. We already have some amazing things planned for 2015.

Let’s bring on the New Year!

Cheers! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Best of 2014

  1. Hi, my name is Joni. I am a friend of your mom’s.. She told me about your blog this afternoon. She is soooo proud of you. My husband and I went to Soldonta last summer and loved it. She suggested we come to Sitka with them this summer . My husband, Phil,and your dad have so much in common. Anyway, great pictures. Thanks for sharing your gift.

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