Thoughts on Monday

Hi Guys! It’s Monday. Over the weekend I attended a roller derby match, lost $20 on the Superbowl and ate more chips/dip/avocado than I should have. Life is just #exciting.  tumblr_mlzj14zA8M1rcy99do1_500Anyway. Here are some of the things I have been browsing on the internet:

  1. Did you read the Sweet Valley High books? I had some flashbacks when I read this.
  2. Why have I not thought of making pizza this way?
  3. Thunderstorms are cool!
  4. David Sedaris
  5. My spring roll obsession continues and these look insane!
  6. I want this dress. It is so pretty. It is also ridiculously impractical and out of my budget. sigh
  7. GENIUS.
  8. I am obsessed with this stuff. Too bad Sephora doesn’t ship aerosols to Alaska. Can someone hook me up with some more please?
  9. Have you ever made a fried egg with olive oil?

And I saved the best for last: 27 Crazy Things That Only Happen in Alaskaomgalaska

I think I know some of these people.

Enjoy the rest of your week! Cheers!! 🙂





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