To say the last three weeks have been stressful is a gross understatement. It has been tough. It has been challenging. I have struggled. There have been a significant amount of changes….cirrus clouds morphing into cumulonimbus. Feeling the barometer drop,  not noticing – and then suddenly a rush of electricity in the air. It’s been a strange mix of successes, failures, gains, losses and the weight of pennies in my palm.

Lots of metaphors – so much and so little to say.

Through all the twists and turns, I found myself in my little leather boots with a standby ticket to Boise and a little ache that only the desert could fix. So I went. 

It’s so strange – every time I have flown home, it rains. The place where it hardly ever pours…the minute I arrive, it’s torrential. My family jokes that I bring it with me. 


I soaked in the wide vistas and all the muted plateus. I ate too many chorizos and dug through old, dusty boxes full of things from the past. Copious amounts of coffee were consumed. My Aunt brought me some solar tulips for the McMansion (to be explained later) and reminded me what awesome was. I traveled at lightening speed (65mph) through the desert and embraced the thrill of passing old pickup trucks while miles of sagebrush flew by.

I hugged my friends and we said cheers at a brewery. In some ways, it’s like I never left. Strange how you can go from a little shaken to present and full.

Tonight we watched a piece of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. We saw the end – where he discovered the photo in his wallet and then there is the final cover of LIFE magazine. It’s ironic how sometimes the thing you are searching for is right where ought to be.

The air is quiet, still and it smells like the high desert, juniper and sunshine. Soon I fly back to my little beach shack and that amazing Biologist……but these tiny, rejuvenating adventures are without question the best. 

Cheers, my friends. Let’s enjoy it. Let’s soak it in. 🙂

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