Running Around


Since the days have gotten longer and the weather a little clearer (lies!!) – I have been running outdoors. Despite moving like an obese turtle, I have found that the time in the elements helps clear my mind. Most of my days are spent inside an office and I appreciate a good dose of fresh, salty air and a jaunt down the road.

run5 run2 run4 run3

Sometimes I have worried I wasn’t athletic or outdoorsy enough to live in Alaska. While I might not spend as much time outside as some people, I enjoy it – and that is whats important. I am doing my best to explore and find value in things I see and do. Life is too short to think that you aren’t ready for an adventure. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Running Around

  1. lol im sure you dont look like an obese turtle ! but the comment was funny. Looks like you are enjoying the outdoors quite nicely.

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