Small Town Alaskan Life

We live in on an island with about 8000 other people…it’s a relatively small, isolated place. There are many unique pros and cons that I have experienced living in a little town. Lets explore some of these….

1. Nobody cares what kind of care you drive

We only have a few stores so — HELLO ONLINE SHOPPING! The only drawback is you have to wait…

The Police Blotter is R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S

After a while, you see people you know everywhere. This is wonderful – it is also horrible.

The dating pool is really um shallow…

The transition back to society can be a challenge 

Nothing is open 24 hours. There is no Starbucks. Or Taco Bell. Sometimes you just want a gordita at 1:00 am and it can’t happen

People sometimes have outdated views on things

Small town politics can get interesting…and nasty. Don’t burn your bridges!

Hooray for short commutes! Mine is three minutessmalltown8

I suppose there are pros and cons to no matter where you go
run6Cheers! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Small Town Alaskan Life

  1. You forgot to mention that everyone wears the same shoes. If you do not have said pair of shoes you are not really a Sitkan.

  2. growing up my best friends and i had the same local sweatshirts on every day all day. we just looked like twins from the back. also kim told me he shops at 5 am just to avoid people haha. “clean fish a great first date!” i love that lol. im going to steal it. and sea mart is open 24 hours. so ha! just joking. nice blog. i like it!! cheers!

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