The Sunday Top Five









My Top Five (At the moment):

  1. THE WEATHER – It has been exceptionally nice this summer (see above beach photos — you’re welcome).
  2. FIELD CAMP (AKA ALONE TIME) – The Biologist has started making his summer treks to field camp which means I’m sailing this ship solo! I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix (Orange Is the New Black!), catching up on reading, eating cilantro, sweet potatoes (he hates them) and frying things.
  3. GARDENING – The garden is a little larger this year (thanks Jackie!!!). So far we have peas, lettuce, more lettuce, carrots, rhubarb and onions. I have a bunch of basil growing inside and I am stoked about some mint plants that I recently acquired. Mojitos anyone? 🙂
  4. FISHING – We have been going out almost every weekend. The freezer is getting full!
  5. PROCRASTINATION – I put this in the top five because it is what I have been doing the most. There is some travel I need to plan and I’m just awful at it. There are a million little projects that need my attention, but I’ve kind of put a lot of things in slow mode this summer. I will get to it eventually…..

Have a good week!

Cheers! 🙂

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