Oh November!

How is it almost Thanksgiving? Per usual, I am about twenty paces behind looking for Halloween candy. As a part of my constant quest to get my $h!t together, I thought I would share what we’ve been up to this month…


There was a small fire in which the toaster was destroyed. As a result, I learned that our only fire extinguisher was on the boat. I also made the best Amazon purchase EVER.  Don’t get me started on my love affair with the panini machine. Can’t. Even. This is the perfect example of how a bad thing can become a FANTASTIC thing!


Camping and crabbing….





The Biologist did some hunting. We have some venison in our freezer! One more thing to cook with that magical panini machine…




It is getting dark earlier and earlier. #Hibernation


Cheers to November! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Oh November!

  1. Do you remember burning up a toaster at Sky lakes medical center?? We had a code RED because of that!! Why do you hate toasters so much??

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