An Update and a Dive!

Hi Guys! It looks like it’s about time for an update….

The Biologist and our neighbors have recently been diving for abalone, scallops and sea cucumbers. I know absolutely nothing about diving but it looks like a good, cold time.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0246.






This was the first time I had ever eaten abalone and it was tasty! They were deep fried and we ate them with a squeeze of lemon juice. I am not generally a fan of scallops but everyone who tried them said they were delicious. Now deciding what to do with the lovely leftover abalone shells…

In other news-

Last week we both caught a wicked head cold. Fought it off with some antibiotics, rest and a hot toddy.IMG_7640

We added some air plant hanging terrariums to our inventory of beach shack decor. They are floating in the living room and I absolutely LOVE them!

The weather has been decent – #hiking!IMG_7611

Spring is definitely here! I am excited for some non-liquid sunshine, boat trips and bonfires!IMG_7576

Hope all is well! Cheers! đŸ™‚

One thought on “An Update and a Dive!

  1. It has been over 30 years since I have had abalone. Restaurants in the Bay Area used to have it on their menu and you didn’t have to be rich and famous! I absolutely loved it! I think they pounded it flat with a meat mallet and fried it. I have fond memories! It is early spring here and mostly rainy and cold. Sitka must be the “banana belt” if you are swimming and hiking. Your pictures are beautiful! Alan’s Marilyn

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