HOW is it almost the middle of May?! What have we been doing?

One of my friends mentioned to me the other day that it had been a while since we did a blog post. Let me just say – WOAH! Seriously – where has the time gone?

The first cruise ship docked here this week, we have started seriously fishing and the days are obviously longer. We have slowly been starting our garden and I think tonight I scored my first bug bite. Today I ventured out to Seamart where I chatted with my neighbor about our resident bear while we filled up our growlers. I also spent too much time questioning the integrity of a $3.00 avocado. Next week I have a work trip and instead of thinking about my professional livelihood, I find myself more consumed with dilemmas such as how I can make our joke of a guest room more comfortable for our visitors who will be here in a few weeks while I write poor, run-on sentences. Wait – its May? I thought we were just finishing February. Phew.

So. Here is an iPhone photo dump to catch us all up:

Because time flies:

Catch of the…week? 🙂

Two of our favorite gals: #lolajeanlolajean

Suds and some sunIMG_7725


Happy Birthday Elisa! A wild, exciting night and the only photo I tookIMG_7767

New FriendsIMG_7764

The view isn’t too bad….IMG_7762


Hope your May is everything and more!

Cheers! 🙂

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